Regent Financial Services wants to help you fulfill your dreams by working with you to establish a financial plan that is designed to pursue wealth and work toward protecting your assets against unnecessary taxes.

Retirement Planning

We can help you create a comprehensive retirement plan designed to pursue your financial independence during your golden years. Using our extensive knowledge of mutual funds, annuities, IRAs, money market accounts, and other tax-advantaged investments, we help create an asset management strategy designed specifically to pursue your long-term financial needs.

401(k) Rollovers & Distributions

We help our clients derive maximum benefits from their 401(k) plans. We’ll help roll over your 401(K) funds to tax-advantaged investments to help preserve your assets and provide the opportunity to pursue a steady accumulation of tax-deferred financial growth.

Estate Planning

Once you build up a financial legacy, you will most likely want to pass it on to your loved ones. We can help you create an estate plan that transfers your wealth to your heirs in a way that minimizes estate and income taxes. Through revocable and irrevocable trusts, we can show ways to help protect your assets, and help ensure those assets will be there for your family’s security.

Tax Management

Tax management is an important component in preserving and accumulating your assets. We can create an effective tax planning strategy to help promote tax reduction, help protect your assets, and help strengthen your financial bottom line.

Insurance Options

We will work with you to analyze your financial assets, determine your insurance needs, and design a strategy to adequately protect your family against unexpected circumstances. Our comprehensive approach helps you assess your needs and create solutions to help you pursue your goals.