Our process focuses on YOU

We Start with a Relationship

  1. Establish a Relationship

    Our financial planning process is focused on you. We take the time to listen and understand your concerns and desires. 
  2. Gather Client Data & Establish Goals

    After gathering your information about your financial situation, we will assist you in defining your personal and financial goals. 
  3. Analyze & Evaluate Your Financial Status

    We will analyze your information and current situation and determine the steps necessary to help you work toward your goals.
  4. Develop/Present Financial Recommendations

    Based on our analysis of your financial data, we present a creative personalized financial strategy to promote your success.
  5. Implement The Financial Strategy

    We will assist you in the various steps of carrying out the recommendations, providing education and guidance through the entire process. 
  6. Monitor The Financial Recommendations

    We conduct periodic reviews with you to monitor your progress and continually re-evaluate your financial strategies based upon the economy, the markets and changes in your life.